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Harley Watson

Only cookies that are essential for DokuWiki's functionality are used. If necessary, these can be blocked in your web browser's preferences.

Name Domain HttpOnly Secure Expiration Purpose
DOKU_PREFS canidae.systems no no 1 year and 1 week Remember which extensions you have enabled
DokuWiki canidae.systems yes no Session end Remember which user is logged in
DK(sessionID) canidae.systems yes no Session end Remember which user is logged in

Participating in Single Sign On will cause Keycloak to set the following essential cookies for identifying your session.

Name Domain HttpOnly Secure Expiration Purpose
AUTH_SESSION_ID keycloak.canidae.systems yes yes Session end Remember which user is logged in
KEYCLOAK_IDENTITY keycloak.canidae.systems yes yes 1 month Remember which user is logged in
KEYCLOAK_REMEMBER_ME keycloak.canidae.systems yes no 1 year Optionally Remember username for faster re-login
KEYCLOAK_SESSION keycloak.canidae.systems no yes 1 month Remember which user is logged in

Hyperoptic is our Internet Service Provider. Their Privacy and Cookie Policy applies in addition to the notes listed here.

Operational Guidelines

  • We do not censor or restrict access to any Internet destinations, unless these restrictions aim to prevent the spread of malware
  • We do not record information that could identify a user's exact activity (including, but not limited to, DNS queries or connected IP addresses)
  • We permit high-level traffic analysis to aid in troubleshooting connectivity issues

ubnt-edgerouter is configured to perform Deep Packet Inspection for Traffic Analysis. The “DPI engine recycles data after 30 minutes of inactivity” and does not collect information about the traffic's content, only information about the service used & traffic quantity is collected. Please see Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter - Deep Packet Inspection Engine article for more information.

ubnt-unifi is configured to retain non-time series data on Wi-Fi clients for 365 days, with time series data being downsampled over time.

Granularity Retention Period
Time Series with 5 Minutes Granularity 7 days
Time Series with Hourly Granularity 30 days
Time Series with Daily Granularity 180 days
Time Series with Monthly Granularity 365 days

CCTV is operated in the building's common areas.

Images are remotely stored & monitored
for the prevention and detection of crime.

To contact this CCTV Scheme operator:

1) Log on to:
2) Enter the Scheme ID shown:

Operational Guidelines

  • We never operate CCTV in a space where people might be expected to be generally visible
  • We never use facial recognition technology on captured images/videos
  • We never upload backup CCTV images/videos to online storage without end-to-end encryption


Operating on peppermint via motioneye. Scheduled to take a photo every hour, at 0min past the hour. Photos are indefinitely retained to monitor season change. Audio recording is intentionally not possible without additional hardware. Angle of operation does not capture footage of people or public roads.

Front Door

Operating on hallway-frontdoor via motioneye. Motion sensitive video capture with a 1 month retention period. Audio recording is intentionally not possible without additional hardware. Angle of operation only captures footage of people after entering the property.

Amazon Alexa

The following rooms have an Amazon Alexa voice assistant configured with the Alexa wake word.

Alexa voice recordings have a retention period of 3 months (minimum permitted). Voice recording training is off. Please see Amazon's Alexa, Echo Devices and Your Privacy page for more information.

If preferred, Alexa voice assistants can electronically disconnect their microphones or be unplugged from the wall.

Apple Siri

Siri on Apple TV (for phy/livingroom/appletv and phy/bedroom-htw/appletv) does not use a wake word and requires manual activation. Please see Using Siri on your Apple TV and Ask Siri, Dictation & Privacy for more information.

fixme: HomeAssistant retention period

Operational Guidelines

  • Home automation routines should avoid centrally tracking a user's position (e.g. sensing a mobile phone's Bluetooth emissions) and should favour user-initiated routines (e.g. fixed-position Bluetooth beacons).
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